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Shanghai Xuan fan Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional sales of metal detectors, security doors, including underground metal detector, metal detector, metal detector security check luggage safety inspection equipment, drugs and explosives detectors, smoke detectors, vehicles and other equipment, visual search. Safety products include door, dangerous hand - held metal detector, needle machine, food and drug testing instrument, inspection mirror at the bottom of car and so on. Our goal is to be the leader of industrial equipment in the world. Our principle: "reputation is the first, customer first". Our commitment: "high quality products, high quality service". Our value: "honesty, best, lasting development". Welcome to our company, hand in hand to create a better tomorrow.



Contact: Tracy Xu

Phone: 13761322960

Tel: 13761322960

Email: sale1@shxuanfan.com

Add: No. 1, Lane 106, Laiyin Road, Jiuting Town, Songjiang Dist,Shanghai ,China

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