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Farmers in Henan have donated 19 treasures

In 1985, digging in home building, he just found a hoard of silver cylinder. In November of the same year, he is a village party secretary who donated to the Museum of the Imperial Palace. After identification, the 19 pieces of cultural relics, the Department of the Yuan Dynasty silver, very precious.

The number of donations, the value of the heavy, so that farming for a living, why the local "celebrity", his name was also engraved in the the Imperial Palace Museum, specifically for donors to set up "King benevolence standings" on top.
More than half a month ago, the 54 year old ho gang was killed in an engineering accident, the the Imperial Palace side learned that after sending a document mourning.
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was informed by the head of the cultural relics management department of the Imperial Palace Museum. On June 22nd afternoon, the memorial service will be held in the the Imperial Palace Museum, inviting all parties to cherish the memory of this "selfless donor"".
Successively "donate treasure" 19 pieces
In June 16th, the Imperial Palace Museum released a solid wall, the township in Henan province Shangshui County village where the solid wall just called "make contributions to China Museum selfless donors".
The donation began in 1985.
And he had just to make arrangements for donations of solid wall village Party Secretary Liu Hongen recalled that year, the autumn day, he just built in the house, in the old house of the stone dug up a cylinder, cylinder in a lot of things. Later, a dealer came to him and wanted to buy these things.
"At that time, he just realized that this batch of things may be cultural relics, I think it should be handed over to the state, but I do not know how to deal with it, I came to consult with us, and later we agreed to donate to the the Imperial Palace museum." Liu Hongen said, "cultural relics dealers carried a sack of money to buy," Ho just refused, dealers even out "you want how much, I give how much" condition, but he still unmoved.
After that, he and Liu Hongen took several "treasures" with them and got on the train to Beijing the Imperial Palace museum. After being identified as cultural relics, several people sent the remaining equipment again. 3 months later, he also donated the storage of silverware.
According to the news released by the the Imperial Palace Museum, after the appraisal, the batch of silverware has been designated as two class A, 1 pieces of cultural relics, 11 pieces of second class cultural relics, 5 pieces of cultural relics and three pieces of general cultural relics, 2 pieces of two pieces.
When he was director of the Museum of cultural relics administration of the Imperial Palace, Liang Jinsheng used "surprise" to describe his feelings about the donation. He said that when the the Imperial Palace Museum collection of the Yuan Dynasty silver scarce, Ho donated cultural relics are preserved, very valuable, to fill the the Imperial Palace Museum such collections blank. For the table thank you, the courtyard gave ho just 9000 yuan as a reward.
The Imperial Palace will hold a memorial service for them
He donated these relics, which have been studied and displayed many times since. His name was also inscribed in the "king of benevolence" list at the the Imperial Palace museum.
He also saw the story, he became a celebrity in the town of Henan, but soon returned to the original life.
Liu Hongen said, at first, the villagers even suspected that they were to go to Beijing to sell the baby, after knowing the truth, or understanding of He Gang "donated" treasure ", but after a few years, he just said that whenever I mention, don't regret."
The sensational donation, accompanied by the death of Ho, was again brought up.
Recently, local media reported that in Hegang work project site, a gantry crane in the demolition of the overturning, at the age of 54, he just died. After hearing the news, the the Imperial Palace Museum issued a document saying that the memorial service will be held in memory of the selfless donor who made an important contribution to the cause of Chinese cultural relics.
Yesterday afternoon, said the Imperial Palace Museum of cultural relics management office, memorial service is scheduled for this Thursday (June 22nd) afternoon, invited the Shangshui County relatives and hometown of Henan province and relevant experts to participate in leadership.
Speaking of the memorial service, Liang Jinsheng said that during the period of working in the Imperial Palace Museum, there was no precedent for the memorial service for the donors. The donation of such quantity and value is rare in the history of donation in the Imperial Palace. What is more surprising is that the donor is not a collector, but an ordinary peasant. In today's social environment, the memory of Ho's deeds is also an encouragement to the donations of folk cultural relics, which is of great significance."
- Secret
What did he just donate?
The Imperial Palace museum shows how just one donated bottled silver on the official website, called "silver gilt engraved Shuangfeng wear pattern yu-hu-ch'un vase, thin neck round, streamline beautifully carved Shuangfeng wear flowers, glittering.
Liang Jinsheng told reporters that he just donated objects is cellaring, and most well preserved, this batch of silver also fills the blank of the silver collection in the Museum of the Imperial Palace.
Cultural relics expert Wang Deheng told reporters, because the Yuan Dynasty does not use silver as the currency circulation, therefore the Yuan Dynasty silver mostly uses in the manufacture handicraft product. Because of the small quantity and exquisite craftsmanship, the silver in the Yuan Dynasty is very precious."
Wang Deheng said, according to China's cultural relics classification standard, precious cultural relics are divided into one or two, three, has important historical, artistic and scientific value for the two level cultural relics, such cultural relics have a very high level in the raw material, process and political status, this group may be used by the silver utensils fengjiangdali, precious remarkable degree.
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