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Long Range Gold& Gem Detector

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  • Depth: 15 meters
  • Product description: AKS Gold Detector Long Range gem detectors

Main Feature:

Searching area:800m

Depth: 14m for a 200*200*1cm Iron Board.

Designed for detecting Copper, Gold, Silver ,Diamond.

The Strongest product kernel, Intelligent modular operation.

Powerful + Convenient + Speed Efficiency

Easy and fast to advanced and efficient.

Product introduction:

AKS detective Gaza is a excellent performance gold search instrument. The strength of the American AKS Gaza, professional production manufacturers detection instrumentation. This detector sensitivity and stability for the international similar product the highest level. In addition to the above characteristics outside, this product is also one of the most prominent characteristics that can be identified the type of metal, allowing you to easily find useful metal items to you, this is the domestic other types of similar products do not have the functions. Has this detector, you can go to a more open place agent treasure activities, searching for gold, silver, copper, precious stones. This type of equipment archaeological and scientific theory field of perfect combination, has the high quality remote search system and precise positioning of the detection system, the breakthrough the conventional detection method, using the micro electric processor control chip unit calibration, apparatus, self-checking system can quickly and easily scan, detection, greatly enhance the ground treasure the working efficiency of the lovers and reduce detection labor intensity, and is the most advanced, practical, economic metal detection instrumentation。

Technology parameters:

1. Product name: AKS detective metal detector

2. Search system: microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity.

3. Search range: 800M

4. Detecting depth: 14M

5. Energy: 12V 1000-1600mAh

6. Launch frequency: 5.6— 6KHz

7. Signal frequency: 360— 440Hz

8. Weight: 3.2KG

9. Detection type: gold, silver, copper, precious stones

10.Charging methods: this instrument has installed rechargeable batteries, direct access charger, can charge, charges time 10-12 hours.



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