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It is time to get to know the long range TR detector capable of identifying gold, silver, metals, diamonds, burial caves and cavities.

GOLD AKS, which are classified and located in the United States in Texas and Israel in Silicon Valley, developed for four decades the technology of search and differentiation, based on ion technology emitted from magnetic fields buried in the ground.

An important part is the antennas that recognize the waves of ions emitted from the ground because of a form that has a magnetic field with anti-static waves. This is when the antenna turns on and receives the waves back from its initial broadcast. When the antennas warn about identification, this identification is certain.

A valuable and important part of our product is of course the mother board, which is encrypted in this panel and the formula for our unique algorithm developed over decades. This algorithm is the secret of our successrown into our product. Only persons with appropriate authority and classification were witnesses to its capabilities of use in the context of military and political agreements. Word began to spread around the world – people began to talk about the revolutionary product that is going to change the face of search and discovery for buried treasures, burial spaces, caves and tunnels, gold, silver, diamonds and more

With regard to counterfeiting, it all began when someone leaked a picture of our product, thus contributing to counterfeiters the ability to copy to their own model. In fact, the counterfeiters, especially the Chinese, were able to fake the body of the device but of course they can not fake or create the technology and algorithm that professors and doctors have labored in our labs for decades.

Therefore, anyone exposed to the AKS product must go to our authenticity check page and enter the serial number on the device, in addition to the code on the warranty card that came with the device. Only then will you be able to verify that you have the original device for long range TR detection.

r (LDS)

Intelligent scanning for high efficiency

Allows the device to scan its surroungings at 360 degrees, 3600 times per seco


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